Sunny Climes

Well, there’s nothing like forgetting that you have a rape charge hanging over you than by taking a multitude of holidays. It looks like it was a busy 2013 for our Danny Boy and Loyal Wifey, what with jetting off to Dubai, Spain and other exotic locations. This info is from my friend (let’s call her Alki Luce) who is friends with Loyal Wifey on FB. Danny Boy even whisked Loyal Wifey off to a castle nearby, such a sweet thoughtful thing to do and I’m sure she forgot all about your little transgression for a few days. Then she remembers and you have the following…..oooooopsssss


It’s a small world is Surrey

All is quiet on the Nic front too. What with serving customers and visiting Danny boy I suppose there isn’t time to answer emails. But, talk about it being a small world…..I just met a friend for a drink at the Cote in Reigate (yes, I am thinking of relocating when Danny boy is out, I don’t think any of us will be safe?) and she knows the Cresswell family!! Well, she vaguely knows them and has heard a bit of gossip about what’s been going on. Anyway, turns out she’s a friend of our Nic on Facebook and has kindly shared a few pics. Urgghhhh he’s a looker our Danny boy………seriously, you could do better than him!! He doesn’t exactly look like a suave businessman either, perhaps they aren’t selling that many electronic ciggies after all then eh Certo. And if he looked like that when he went in, what will he look when he gets out?

“This is the age of the narcissist. It’s a time when anyone’s opinion is worth as much as an expert”

Yes, that our Paxo (Jeremy Paxman). His departure has left a huge void in my life. Newsnight just isn’t the same without his withering looks and moody contempt for those lowly politicians. Anyway, I digress, back to the matter in hand. I did receive a reply from our Nic, but it appears that there might be a problem with her email address. I used the one that’s on the website but all I got was a reply with lots of gobbledygook. They need to get it sorted quickly, but I’ll send her another in case they have fixed the problem. I’m sure our Nic will be on top of these important things.

Anyway, it looks like it’s hotting up on the Surrey Mirror article. The pro and anti-Cresswell teams are out in force. It looks like there will be many more revelations to come. Quite intriguing, who is lying and who is telling the truth in this drama. Mustn’t forget to say that the only person who is suffering in this horrible episode is the poor victim.

Will update when I get a reply from Nic.