Dirty Little Secret

Diddums!! It looks like Surrey Mirror have succumbed to pressure and removed the comments from their article. A source from the paper has said that they had received complaints and were reviewing the comments. Hmmmm I wonder where the complaints originated from! Loyal Wifey is certainly keeping busy trying to keep Danny Boy’s transgressions a secret from the world and most importantly their customers. How outrageous! Urghhh think Loyal Wifey is not aware that most people really do not like rapists. Jowlsy Tomo (boss) is loitering near my desk so I best save my rant for later!

1 thought on “Dirty Little Secret

  1. ha ha seriously? this family sounds like a real bully and I’ve had a look at the article, if it’s true about the rapist still being involved then that Andy nash has some questions to answer.


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