Yank Boy

I’m not that original am I when it comes to pet names for our key players in this little saga. It appears there is an American embroiled in this drama, though according to the Surrey Mirror article, he is no longer a director at Certo Enterprises. I did have another look at the Tara Exposes blog to see if there has been any update, but none yet. Perhaps, Yank boy has taken the first plane out of our little land for fear of being associated with our Danny boy. Who knows, but it is rather quiet on that front on the Surrey Mirror comments. That can’t look good for Yank boy, surely? If it were me, I would be screeching as loudly as I could that I had no idea what Danny boy was up to and didn’t know that he was such a horrible man who could be capable of rape. But anyway, that’s me, some people just don’t have the balls. I could be wrong, maybe Yank boy is on holiday and will let the eager Surrey Mirror comments (and me) know exactly what is going on this soap drama. This is much better than an episode of Eastenders. You have a supposedly happily married man, who cheats on his wife and then is convicted of rape. Said wife vows to stay by her man and eagerly takes the reins of the company. Lots of angry women discover said rapist owns the company and create a hullabaloo. Fist fight ensues between pro and anti-Danny boy people. Bloody hell! Wonder what’s going to happen next………….

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