It’s a small world is Surrey

All is quiet on the Nic front too. What with serving customers and visiting Danny boy I suppose there isn’t time to answer emails. But, talk about it being a small world…..I just met a friend for a drink at the Cote in Reigate (yes, I am thinking of relocating when Danny boy is out, I don’t think any of us will be safe?) and she knows the Cresswell family!! Well, she vaguely knows them and has heard a bit of gossip about what’s been going on. Anyway, turns out she’s a friend of our Nic on Facebook and has kindly shared a few pics. Urgghhhh he’s a looker our Danny boy………seriously, you could do better than him!! He doesn’t exactly look like a suave businessman either, perhaps they aren’t selling that many electronic ciggies after all then eh Certo. And if he looked like that when he went in, what will he look when he gets out?

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